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Thank you for coming to the page. I appreciate your visiting us. You might be asking yourself why are these calendars so expensive. The answer is simple. These images are all gorgeous. I did not want to cheapen the photos and go with cheap printing choices that a local bank might use to hand out free calendars of local buildings or landscapes. No I want these pages to be collectable and treasured for the beauty they actually are. My cost on these is high. It will cost me a minimum of 18$ EACH to produce. That does not include shipping or handeling to get the calendar to you. I also want to give the model money too per calendar sold. Its something most photographers never do. They mostly pay the model once and thats it. Thats not how I want to do things. I appreciate my models and I feel they deserve to get something back too. So please before you think its too high. consider what it costs to make high quality calendars. This leaves very little room for profit. I dont get paid to sit at my computer to prepare these images or the 12 hr day building each page from scratch as well as editing the chosen images for print. Its a ton of work. This is a labor love for me. Its not about getting rich. Its about sharing the beauty with those who appreciate it too and hopes to cover my expenses put in. I have to have enough pre orders in to make it worth the costs put in to produce the calendars. All procedes of  these Calendar sales goes to model and photographer.  You’ll be amazed at how moant photographers never give back to the models. I don’t want to be like that. I want to give back to the models for their parts as well. If you purchase a calendar. You are supporting all of us involved so we can keep doing what we love. For that I thank you.


Fifty Shades of School Girl

Fifty Shades of Haley Calendar FSOH-02 2021 Calendar. 

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Fifty Shades of Haley” Books and Calendars pre orders will be taken here. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.  PREORDRS for Calendar 01 Taken now.   The first 25 Pre Orders will get free shipping and also recieve download instructions with thier purchased calendar for an exclusive digital version of FSOH-Calendar 01.

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All images used for “Fifty Shades of Haley” are owned and copyrighted by Sadowski / Em Photo and VGH Enterprises. © 2020 No images can be used without written permission.

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Fifty Shades of Haley.